Softback Asymmetric 1080 L/R
Can be used on left/right
The special features of the new symmetrical and asymmetrical Anita Softback breast forms with two-layer design: Two-layer technology
The soft standard gel on the back of the breast form moulds perfectly to the body
SoftLite silicone gel used at the front to reduce weight
Natural movement guaranteed due to the Flex-Gap fold placed towards the top


Left Side, 4, Left Side, 5, Left Side, 6, Left Side, 7, Left Side, 8, Left Side, 9, Left Side, 10, Left Side, 11, Left Side, 12, Left Side, 2, Right Side, 4, Right Side, 5, Right Side, 6, Right Side, 7, Right Side, 8, Right Side, 9, Right Side, 10, Right Side, 11, Right Side, 12, Right Side, 2