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One of our favorites, this comfortable, supportive wire-free bra with comfort straps offers great shape and separation and is now available in black. The wide size range means the Isadora Wire-free Bra can delight you all the way up to a G cup. Our decorative embroidery adds a touch of elegance whilst the three-part cut-and-sewn construction creates a perfect shape. There are no side bones to irritate under the arms, yet the Isadora bra supports you all around. Pocketed cups can hold a breast form or shaper if you need one.

Bra Cup Form – (2)Average/(3)Full Fit
Supportive three-part cup construction provides excellent support
Decorative embroidery insert for a touch of elegance
Mesh fabric on top cup offers a light look
Adjustable elastic straps; straps increase in width to maintain support in larger sizes
Bilateral pockets


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