Rita is a short, modern wig that offers the ultimate in versatility. This synthetic wig is made of heat-resistant fibers, allowing wearers to create new looks each day. Straighten or curl this style to create softer waves or tighter spirals.


Item Number:5907

Shown:FS17/101S18, 6F27Cap Design:
Lace Front / Single MonofilamentCap Size:
AverageHair Type:
Heat Resistant SyntheticBang:
Rita_6F27_Alt__030104.75″Crown:4″Nape:1.75″Side:2″Weight:2.1 oz

Hot Fudge 1B, Dk Chocolate Cherry Ganache 1BRH30, Brownie Finale 4, Brownie Blondies 4/27/30, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle 4/33, Fudgesicle 6, Raspberry Twist 6/33, Caramel Ribbon 6F27, Cocoa Twist 8/30, Mousse Cake 8RH14, Fortune Cookie 10/26TT, Caffé Mocha 10RH16, Pralines n' Cream 14/26, Shaded Pralines n' Cream 14/26S10, Pina Colada 22F16, Crème Brulee 24B22, Éclair 24BT18, Roasted Chestnut 39F38, Cherry Crème 32F, Oyster 56F51, Winter Sun 60, Martini 101F48T, Shaded Praline 12FS8, Malibu Blonde 12FS12, Shaded Mocha 24BT18S8, Midnight Cocoa FS4/33/30A, Toffee Truffle FS6/30/27, Salted Caramel FS26/31S6, Venice Blonde 22F16S8, Palm Spring Blonde FS17/101S18, Laguna Blonde FS24/102S12, Shaded Sun 27T613S8, Shaded Peach 30A27S4, Chocolate Cherry FS2V/31V, Caramel Syrup FS26/31, Strawberry Syrup FS27