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Get playful with a short shag that’s loaded with personality. The flipped-out layers and fuss-free O’solite construction make this style a true customer favourite.

Raspberry Twist 6/33, Espresso 6H12, Chocolate Soufflé 2, Brownie Finale 4, Rum Raisoin 4F, Fudgesicle 6, Cocoa 8, Cocoa Twist 8/30, Cocoa Bean 8/32, Mousse 8H14, Luscious Caramel 10, Almond Biscuit 10/22TT, Fortune Cookie 10/26TT, Latte 10H16, Coffee Cake 12, Rootbeer Float 12/30BT, Crème Soda 14/24, Banana Crème 16/22, Flan 18/22, Pina Colada 22F16, Crème Brulee 24B22, Bavarian Crème 24BT18F, Fire 'n Ice 27, Strawberry Thumbprint 27F613, Strawberry Pie 27MBF, Toasted Marshmallow 27T613F, Cherry Almond Tart 32BF, Cherry Crème 32F, Cherry Cobbler 130/31, Nightfall 34, Milkshake 38, Roasted Chestnut 39F38, White Russian 51F44, Oyster 56F51, Winter Sun 60, Martini 101F48T, Shaded Praline 12FS8, Malibu Blonde 12FS12, Venice Blonde 22F16S8, Palm Spring Blonde FS17/101S18, Laguna Blonde FS24/102S12, Caramel Syrup 6F27, Mist 39/51/60, Moonlight 92, Peppercorn 1B/60

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