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Fringe doesn’t have to be a big commitment! Soft bangs can work for you with this straight, long layered style that offers a cool, classic feel. New colors available: 12FS12, 22F16S8, FS24/102S12 and FS17/101S18


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“Weight:3.9 oz



Raspberry Twist 6/33, Caramel Ribbon 6F27, Hot Fudge 1B, Chocolate Soufflé 2, Brownie Finale 4, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle 4/33, Fudgesicle 6, Cocoa Twist 8/30, Cocoa Bean 8/32, Rocky Road 8F16, Mousse Cake 8RH14, Fortune Cookie 10/26TT, Caffé Mocha 10RH16, Rootbeer Float 12/30BT, Crème Soda 14/24, Pralines n' Cream 14/26, Pina Colada 22F16, Crème Brulee 24B22, Éclair 24BT18, Cinnamon Toast 27T33B, Toasted Marshmallow 27T613F, Hot Pepper 30A, Cherry Almond Tart 32BF, Paprika 130/4, Cherry Cobbler 130/31, Shaded Fortune 10/26TTS4, Shaded Praline 12FS8, Shaded Mocha 24BT18S8, Shaded Sun 27T613S8, Shaded Peach 30A27S4, Shaded Crème 102S8, Shaded Berry 131T4S4, Toffee Syrup FS10, Walnut Syrup FS10/16, Cinnamon Syrup FS12/24B, Raspberry Syrup FS24/32, Caramel Syrup FS26/31, Strawberry Syrup FS27, Honey Syrup FS613/24B, Malibu Blonde 12FS12, Venice Blonde 22F16S8, Palm Spring Blonde FS17/101S18, Laguna Blonde FS24/102S12, Midnight S2-103/18RO, Sunrise S4-28/32RO, Autumn S6-30A27RO, Fawn S8-18/26RO, Sunshine S14-26/88RO, Solstice S18-60/102RO