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Alia blends the realistic hairline look of a lace front with the natural growth appearance of a monofilament top. This layered contemporary bob provides amazing movement and styling versatility




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Smart Lace Color Shown

6F27, 14/26Cap Design:Lace Front / Single MonofilamentCap Size

AverageHair Type:SyntheticBan:9




Weight:3.6 oz


Raspberry Twist 6/33, s Caramel Ribbon 6F27, s Jet 1, s Hot Fudge 1B, s Dk Chocolate Cherry Ganache 1BRH30, s Fudgesicle 6, s Fortune Cookie 10/26TT, s Caffé Mocha 10RH16, s Rootbeer Float 12/30BT, s Pina Colada 22F16, s Crème Brulee 24B22, s Éclair 24BT18, s Strawberry Shortcake 27MB, s Toasted Marshmallow 27T613F, s Shaded Praline 12FS8, s Shaded Pralines n' Cream 14/26S10, s Walnut Syrup FS10/16, s Caramel Syrup FS26/31, s Honey Syrup FS613/24B