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Each eyebrow has hundreds of paper-thin, hand-crafted, 3D hair stroke illusions, to give it a super realistic appearance. To draw this many hair-thin strokes with a brow pencil would take hours out of your week, and they would smudge as soon as you break a sweat! Never feel self-conscious again that people notice you don’t have brows – you’ll fool everyone into believing you never even lost your brows in the first place! You’ll just blend into society once again, as you did before.

EASY & QUICK TO APPLY: All you need is a facecloth and water. Press them against your face, apply the wet facecloth for 20 seconds, and say Hello to your new eyebrows. It’s really that simple. Throw your old eyebrow pencil in the trash and save hours per week. And never get caught rushed out the door, without time to apply brows before going to a public place.

They’ll last on your face anywhere up to 3 days. Even after multiple showers and sleeping. Save hours per week & say goodbye to your tedious daily eyebrow pencil routine. And never again have to check in the mirror throughout the day whether your brows have smudged off.

100% WATERPROOF: Shower, hit the beach, or work up a sweat again at the gym with confidence, without worrying about smudged brows and what people might think. Also, this will save you crazy amounts of time because your brows won’t wash off every night in the shower.

EASY TO REMOVE: simply remove in seconds with a cloth & rubbing alcohol.


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